Imported in to Ireland since 2006 the Keeway brand has gone from strength to strength . Offering the best quality and value in the small bike segment .


Since its establishment, Keeway [registered brand of Qianjiang Group from China] has achieved exponential growth and become a multinational organization incorporating R&D, design, sales, and service of motorcycles and other mechanical products. Under the corporate umbrella, there are Qianjiang-Keeway Europe (Hungary), Keeway Poland, Keeway Spain, Keeway Finland, Keeway France, Keeway America (USA), Keeway Venezuela, Keeway Argentina, and many more.

Keeway’s product line covers Motorcycles, Scooters and more with displacements available from 50cc up to 600cc. Keeway constantly develops products across multiple platforms, including larger displacements, in order to better serve the diversified global marketplace.

Keeway products are manufactured by the parent company, Qianjiang Group, which is one of the largest motorcycle producers in Asia and has the most advanced production lines in China. Qianjiang was among the first in the industry to be certified with TUV ISO9001. The quality of the products is strongly backed up by Qianjiang Group`s high efficiency operation and strict quality assurance. With Keeway products winning consumer confidence in every corner of the world, we are planning to expand our manufacturing facilities to multiple locations, to get closer to our customers and to better meet their distinctive local needs. Our ultimate goal is to have Keeway “Made in the World”.

Since Benelli joined the Qianjiang Keeway family in 2005, the passion, spirit, and technology of this 100-year-old Italian motorcycle brand has been pumped into Keeway. After 6 years of preparation, in order to provide more advanced and higher added value products for our global partners and consumers, Keeway is now introducing the concept of “Engineered by Benelli”. This new concept will be implemented not only in design, but also applied in R&D, tuning, testing and production. We look forward to the exciting progress of this engineering concept and positive response from our customers.