RKS 125

RKS 125 Sport is a motorcycle forged with inspiration and design. It represents a higher level of sports bike. Conflict with daily congestion, an unexpected storm or a simple maneuver that requires riding a high quality motorcycle. Here, there are no limits! It's you and your bike. We present a new motorcycle that combines the [...]

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Silverblade 250

Silverblade, the flagship RV Scooter of Keeway, is designed to create the supreme experience in comfort riding. It is a new way to experience travel. Every moment on this stunning scooter is a redefinition of freedom. Silverblade is the combination of power, comfort and safety, designed for those riders who are looking for a reliable [...]

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Logik 125

If you are looking for something different that can best show your lifestyle, Logik is the answer. Any rider will confidently shuttle in the streets with this scooter, the perfect mixture of modern and contemporary design. Logik is an excellent combination of art and industry. The simplicity of CVT technology makes it practical for daily [...]

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CS 110

The Keeway CS 110 is one of the best Cub's on the market . Equipped with a 4 stroke engine which has a smooth 4 speed clutchless gearbox . Giving the bike a fuel consumption of over 120 mpg . Alloy 17 inch wheels and adjustable rear suspension give the Partner a stable and comfortable [...]

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ZAHARA 125 / 50

The Zahara 125 is a retro scooter designed with that classic 60's look . Powered by a fully automatic 4 stroke single 125 cc engine for a smooth power delivery which also gives great fuel consumption .. The use of twin colours in the panels with indicators and lights built in , modern yet retro [...]

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The all-new Keeway RKV125 is a friendly, comfortable and stylish motorcycle, specifically engineered for friendly and comfortable in-city riding, whilst churning out good performance and respectable low fuel consumption, making it an ideal commuter with a bang! RKV125’s reliable single cylinder 125cc engine is fitted with a roll axis producing minimal level of vibration which [...]

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One of the most attractive KEEWAY customs available. The Superlights' generous dimensions and astonishing array of chrome accessories, coupled with its superb fit and finish, is simply astounding. 'Smoothy'-style rims, and wrapped fenders, are just some of the equipment on this sleek model.The Superlight features a 125cc 4-stroke air cooled engine, fat tyres and high wheels with [...]

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